Brew your own Water kefir using our starter kit -

1. To a 1 litre glass jar, add 4 cups of room temperature, de-chlorinated water (if using tap water – boil and cool, or aerate water for 24 hours).

2. Add 1/4-cup of cane sugar, stirring to dissolve.  Note: the better quality/less refined the sugar, the happier the culture.

3. Strain your Squamish Water Kefir crystals with a strainer (not metal), You should have 1/4-cup of crystals thereabouts.

4. Let sit in a warm area for 48 hours covered with a cheese cloth or lid.  Mixture may become slightly bubbly and cloudy and should have a mildly sweet taste but not as sweet as the sugar water.*

5. Strain you water kefir crystals with a strainer (not metal) and place your water kefir crystals in a new mixture, or store in the fridge until next time. If it will be a while, make you feed your crystals once a week so they stay alive.

6. Keep culture and your water kefir brew refrigerated or else it will keep fermenting.

*For a more carbonated beverage, after removing culture leave the water kefir liquid out for an additional 48 hours for a second stage ferment. This is when you may add flavouring as well.