Farmers Markets 2019

PNE at the Vancity Community Marketplace August 24 + 25th. 11am - 11pm

Brackendale Fall Fair Saturday Sept 7th. from 10am - 5pm

Trout Lake 2019 Saturday Sept 21st. from 9am - 2pm

Kitsilano 2019 Sunday Sept 1st. and Oct 6th. from 10am - 2pm

We will be serving:

  • Water Kefir on tap,

  • probiotic + superfood packed Popsicles,

  • Smoothie Brew (unflavoured water kefir to use as a base and probiotic boost in your smoothies),

  • and water kefir culture for your own home brewing.

We always post our markets and events on our instagram and faceboook @squamishwaterkefir